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 help sponsor the dick biondi story and be part of dick's legacy! 



We are recognizing people who were touched by the magic of Dick Biondi and the music and memories he brought to us year after year. Personal memories like listening to Dick on your transistor radio, cruising with the AM radio blasting, your first love, your first concert, or singing along with the pizza song. These memories along with your own, will be part of our film which is four years in the making. You'll be sharing the screen with artists including Frankie Valli, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and Tony Orlando, and radio personalities Bob Sirott, John Landecker, Bob Hale, and many, many more. 

THE VOICE THAT ROCKED AMERICA is a one-hour documentary about Top 40 radio personality Dick Biondi which is coming soon to PBS. Dick’s powerful connection with his audience has endured for decades, and the bands he promoted have never forgotten his generosity. Dick’s story will be told through interviews with recording artists, broadcasters, fans, friends and Dick Biondi himself. The film is narrated by Pam Pulice, whose life was changed when she met her teenage idol. 

We are now busy editing a 56 minute film for PBS broadcast along with a personalized version to the first 50 people who participate. When you decide to become part of the Dick Biondi film team, you will receive your own official Dick Biondi Film Tee, a limited edition certificate to the 1961 Fungus  Club, and of course a full feature DVD delivered to your home. This movie will also be screened at film festivals and online streaming.

This documentary needs you!

Your $500 donation will make you part of our film team and help fund a wide range of music, photos, and archival footage that will bring this story to life in a glorious way.

You will be featured in the credits with your photo along with a short personal quote describing your memories of Dick Biondi. Our first sponsor, Cathy Kulawik, remembers…

 "Sharing good times and music with the love of my life, Adam."

"Sharing good times and music with the love of my life, Adam."

Here's another example from Paul Hartung who grew up in Villa Park, Illinois. Paul remembers...

 "The best times of my life were listening to Dick Biondi in my 63 Dodge."

"The best times of my life were listening to Dick Biondi in my 63 Dodge."

Here’s the Zagata family. .

 Getting ready for the Golden Age of Rock N' Roll!

Getting ready for the Golden Age of Rock N' Roll!

Share a memory of how Dick and the music affected you.

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Dick Biondi has been part of our lives throughout the decades.  What better way to celebrate his legacy than to be part of his story? To make your tax-deductible gift of $500.00 or more click the Button and write "Dick Biondi Personal Memory Montage" in the special instructions box.


You don't need a PayPal account. All credit cards accepted. 

CHECKS can be made payable to Chicago Filmmakers — write "Dick Biondi Fan Montage" in memo line and mail to:

Dick Biondi Project

P.O. Box 729

Westmont, IL  60559-729

If you have photographs, movies, or sound clips from the golden age of radio that you think might enhance our production, please contact us!  For questions about the Dick Biondi Fan Montage write us at thedickbiondifilm at gmail.com

As always we are deeply grateful to our donors and Dick's loyal fans for supporting this tribute in film to a music legend.


Pam Pulice, Producer & Director 

The Dick Biondi Film Team