This is the Story of a rebel disc jockey who changed how a generation listened to radio as told through the eyes of one of his biggest fans who came of age under the influence of that voice. This is a love letter to the era when radio was King.

Dick Biondi came screaming into Chicago, IL on May 2, 1960, shaking up the establishment and turning the town on its ear. I remember the excitement and the fun he brought to us kids and how much a part of our lives he was--- and still is to this day. Dick was the leading voice of a powerful new Top 40 radio station, WLS, which beamed across the U.S. and parts of Canada. We didn’t know it at the time, but Dick would go on to be one of the most influential radio personalities of the 20th century. 
The Story of The Wild I-Tralian
Dick Biondi has been broadcasting across the airwaves for over a half century. His outrageous personality gained him such titles as The Wild I-Tralian, The Screamer, and The Big Spaghetti Slurper.  Some have come to esteem him as the greatest rock and roll disc jockey of all time. Others have known him as a big mouth, a guy with corny jokes, who called himself “The World’s Ugliest Disc Jockey.”  Whatever you may want to call him, we are thrilled to piece together the story of an incredible entertainer who rose from a working class Italian family to become the #1 disc jockey in the nation, a member of the Broadcast Hall of Fame, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – and the most fired deejay of all time — 25 firings! 
Rock Stars
Throughout the film we uncover Dick’s friendship with early music artists Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bobby Darin; his famed distinction of being the first American DJ to play the Beatles; and his influence on the careers of the Beach Boys, Tony Orlando, Frankie Valli and a multitude of Chicago bands – the Buckinghams, Ides of March, the Cryan Shames, Shadows of Knight, The New Colony Six, Chicago – and many more. Known from coast to coast, Dick Biondi's legacy is that he truly is the“Voice That Rocked America!”
After 3-1/2 years of doing research, collecting interviews, and following the energetic Biondi to sock hops, car shows, toy drives, and more my editing team is nearing completion of  the first part of the Dick Biondi documentary. This campaign will cover costs of producing this "Screener" which will be instrumental in raising the necessary funds to complete the film.
Soon you'll be able to see what we've been working on.  It's exciting!  

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Our goal is to complete the movie in 2018 ands share it with the Wild I-Tralian!
It is my great honor to direct this documentary film about The Wild I-Tralian, Dick Biondi, who ( like many of you) touched me when I first heard his crazy manic style jump out of my transistor radio.  His genuine interest and kindness impressed me way back when I was a mixed up 13 year old kid, and I'm proud to say we are still friends over 50 years later! 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being part of it!
Love and Gratitude,
Pam and the Dick Biondi Film Team

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